Our Values

When we started Mobibod (formerly Recharge Class) we wanted to make sure we designed a unique product. One that was accessible for all kinds of bodies, goals, and levels of ability.

To do this, we spent years experimenting, using our experience in massage, biomedical engineering, pilates and sports to figure out the best way to help people move better. We tested on many generous family and friends, adjusted, tested again, took on feedback and more than anything tried to understand how others experienced our product.

The past 10 years of work have led us to Mobibod. Our goal to help people mobilise their bodies is not only reflected in our name- it guides everything that we do.

Our mission is to help every body move freely, help people maximise their wellbeing and live their best life pain free. We do this by constantly educating ourselves, accepting feedback, listening to our customers and doing all that we can to share what we know!

By focusing on these values, we aim to help every Mobibod customer achieve their goals and live the life they desire!

Sustainability Commitment

Here at Mobibod we are committed to minimising our impact on the environment. That's why we offer a 5-year warranty on our products, and encourage our customers to get in touch if they have issues with their product at any time. We might be able to repair it rather than have it go to waste!

We also strive to minimise the waste associated with our production and distribution processes and discourage the use of single use plastics. Our Doublar packaging tube is fully recyclable, and we encourage you to use it for other purposes! Ideas include use for storage, kids play, or dress ups.

We are always open to ideas on how we can improve our sustainability practice, so please get in touch if you think of anything!