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We're all a little bit different. Let us help you find the right self massage tool for your body!

All of our tools are made with optimal firmness to target your sore spots without causing damage to your body. They are also naturally microbe resistant, travel friendly, and adjustable to fit the proportions of your body!

The Doublar

We call her Ms Versatile! The Doublar will work wonders on your spine, shoulders, buttocks, legs and chest.

Use the cord to help you move easily over the balls as you release. Adjust the toggles to fit the Doublar to the proportions of your body to make sure you're hitting just the right spot.

Place one or both balls between you and the wall or floor, and let gravity work its magic. 

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The Eagle

All the versatility of the Doublar, just a little bit smaller!

The Eagle is great if you're looking to get a little bit deeper and get right to the root of your soreness, especially in the spinal muscles, feet, forearms and shoulders

The smaller surface area of the Eagle allows you to get into all those little spots that the Doublar might not reach.

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Looking for more?

Take a look at our MyClass set to get your hands on both the Eagle and Doublar at a discounted rate!

Or if you're looking to buy enough for the whole class, check out our Mini and Mega Class sets with enough tools to share!

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