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MyClass Set

MyClass Set

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Training Book Format

Out of Stock... because we don't have the Eagle in stock at the moment but they'll be back soon! Pre-order now to be the first to get your MyClass Set once the Eagles… have landed (you know we needed to add one pun)

Unlock the ultimate self-care experience with the Mobibod MyClass Set - your complete toolkit for pain relief, improved mobility, and enhanced well-being.

This comprehensive set combines the expert guidance of the Trigger Your Points book (by Carrie Newbold, PhD) with the collective power of the Doublar and Eagle. Empowering you with everything you need to unlock pain relief, improved mobility, and ultimate well-being (plus it’s $22 cheaper).

  • Target Any Trouble Spot: The versatile Doublar and Eagle duo empower you to reach large and small muscle groups with precision and ease. Achieve deeper relaxation in your back, shoulders, legs, and chest with the Doublar, while the Eagle tackles targeted tension in your back, hands, forearms, feet, and neck.
  • Effortless Application and Control: Use the adjustable toggles and handles on both tools to find your perfect position and control the intensity of your massage for a comfortable and personalised experience.
  • Master Self-Massage: 100 pages of clear explanations, effective techniques, and valuable insights on self-treating trigger points to bring your professional home. Available in digital PDF or physical booklet formats!

The MyClass Set is perfect for:

  • Athletes & Fitness Enthusiasts: Enhance recovery and optimize performance.
  • Instructors: Try Mobibod tools and learn how you could integrate them into your studio.
  • Self-Care Seekers: Discover an all-in-one solution for pain management, recovery, and well-being.
  • Knowledge Builders: Enhance your self-care skills and knowledge.
  • Busy Bees: This convenient and versatile set allows you to target any trouble spot, saving time and maximizing results.
  • Wellness Warriors: Take control of your well-being and unlock a pain-free, active life.

Elevate your self-care routine and experience the transformative power of the Mobibod MyClass Set.

Bonus: Enjoy peace of mind with our 30-day money-back guarantee and a 5-year warranty on both the Doublar and Eagle. So you can rest assured that you are purchasing a quality product!


Ball Diameter: 62mm each ball

Packaging size: 155mm height, 73mm diameter.


The Doublar is made from silicone rubber which is naturally hydrophobic. This has the added bonus of making the Doublar microbe resistant!

Care information

Easy to clean... Silicone can be cleaned with a wet cloth and can easily withstand rubbing alcohol.

The Doublar has a 30 day money back guarantee, and 5-year warranty, so you can rest assured that you are purchasing a quality product!

Roll responsibly. For more information see our disclaimer.

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